Gap’s CEO has us thinking about retail and omnichannel strategy.

During Gap Inc.’s Q4 earnings call in the last week of February, the new CEO, Art Peck, broadcasted the near future for Gap’s retail strategy: a “collision of digital and physical” experiences.

Essentially, they want to expand their brick-and-mortar presence, while building up their digital counterpart. This is dedication to a true omnichannel push, but also an acknowledgement of reality: according to eMarketer, the physical store is still the most popular purchase location. Digital is a close second, but the physical isn’t dying anytime soon.

As such, retail should be leveraging its physical advantage any way it can over ecommerce giants (read: Amazon). One way they’re doing it: offering order online and pick-up in store.

Nearly 1/3 of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 retailers offer it. Walmart is currently testing it. Macy’s has it. Gap just introduced Order In Store, Reserve In Store, Find In Store, and Ship From Store late last year.

The order online and pick-up in store combination offers the best elements of both features: online’s accuracy of stock availability and the ease of a click, and in-store’s satisfaction of a customer’s desire to feel the tangible product before purchase.

It’s an excellent marriage of the best of each.

And going further, what’s mobile’s place in the omnichannel world?

For Gap, Peck’s words give us a clue: “The digital expression of our brand is the primary way our customers engage our brands… I’m convinced that going forward we will win or lose at our digital lease line.”

If customers engage over digital channels, (including the website, blog, social, and mobile) then the digital channel is where the brand needs to wow the customer, with exciting, aspirational content and personalized interactions.

If 2/3’s of all digital retail time is spent on the mobile channel specifically, focus on what you can do well on mobile. Create content specifically for it. Surprise the customer with interactions built for it. Personalize messaging for customers based on location. Showcase products intuitively.

Gap is ready to explode with omnichannel. Let us help you rock the mobile one.