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Solution Providers For Retail: A Chat With Jennifer Bosavage image

Last week, we participated in an online chat with technology guru Jennifer Bosavage, editor-in-chief of Solution Providers For Retail, a publication focused on providing a community for retail value-added resellers, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and expertise. Naturally, this was a perfect fit for us. Our mobile platform is a huge value-add for retailers looking to take advantage of a customer’s mobile device by providing a dedicated brand channel for their marketing efforts. You can read more about our conversation with Jennifer here, and see our thoughts on best practices for proximity marketing and beacons (it’s all about context), and how brick-and-mortar retail can stay relevant and compete against ...

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Mowingo Featured on Food+Tech Connect image

Great news! Our partnership with Star Micronics was recently highlighted in a Food+Tech Connect piece by Brita Rosenheim, industry maven and founder of Rosenheim Advisors, as one of the most interesting partnerships of 2014. Every month, she highlights the most interesting acquisitions, financings and partnerships within the Food Tech & Media ecosystem. We’re proud that our joint solution with Star Micronics for retailers tied to outdated point-of-sale (POS) systems was chosen for this honor. (Read more about our solution here.) You can sign up to receive her monthly column here, and feel free to connect with her on Twitter at @baconista.

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NRF BIG Show! image

This week, we’re at the NRF BIG Show, taking place in lovely (read: freezing) NYC, where we’re demoing our mobile solution, in partnership with Star Micronics, for retailers with outdated POS systems. At booth #3925, you’ll be able to hear more about the solution and why we were inspired to create it. Quick background: as most retailers are tied to their current point-of-sale (POS) system, due to cost or franchise contractual restrictions, any room for innovation in areas like mobility needs to be brought to them through peripheral products. We saw that opportunity with Star Micronics’ network of smart receipt printers. Upgrade your printer, use our mobile platform, and enjoy the ...

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CES-ta Fiesta, continued gallery

Ah, the Internet of Things. The theme of CES seems to revolve around it, and the connected ecosystem it spawned. Everything from connected cars to dogs and gardens (no joke) surfaced on the floor of the convention hall, as technology companies vied to provide the next big thing. (See some of our pictures above.) For our part, we’re showcasing our own car+commerce joint solution with Abalta Technology at the Westgate. If you’re interested in checking out how we’ve created a neat, clean product for a connected car that’s better than simply mobile on wheels, reach out to @Mowingo or @dreymann for more. Enjoy the rest of your conference!

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CES-ta Fiesta in Vegas image

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Greetings from CES! We’ll be at CES for the next few days, taking part in the technology epicenter of the US, and showcasing our own awesome joint solution with Abalta Technology. We’re demoing an interaction between Mowingo’s white-label mobile engagement app (e.g. the app we did for McDonald’s) and a car’s dashboard, leveraging Abalta’s WEBLINK. When the mobile app (iPhone or Android) senses it approaches an area of interest (and with some CRM “relevancy” logic), an offer is displayed on the car’s head unit, allowing the driver to add a coupon to his/her mobile wallet, and (optionally) to add the store or restaurant ...

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7 Ways To Strengthen Mobile Promotions image

Hi all! We recently published an article in Restaurant Hospitality with our best practices for mobile promotions in the restaurant industry. As so many of our clients are restaurants, we have some experience-backed tips on how to ensure you achieve success with your mobile promotions, boost your sales, and give your customers what they want. Check it out here, or read on below: Whether you are contemplating a mobile promotion for the first time or you’re a veteran, there are certain good practices that you should keep in mind. These guidelines apply across the board, whether you operate one restaurant or many, control all your mobile-based promotions from a central ...

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