Like we’ve said before, when it comes to offers and promotions, our advice to brand managers across the country is grounded in our unofficial philosophy: “think nationally, engage locally.” Based on the numbers we’ve seen from our customers, we’re more certain than ever that this is the way to go.

As a brick-and-mortar establishment, a restaurant or retailer has an advantage that it should be leveraging to engage with local residents—its physical location within a community. Utilizing the community knowledge of your regional and store managers to ground your national mobile engagement programs in local experiences is a surefire way to boost mobile redemptions and sales.Sports activations are one level of such an engagement that our customers have used to generate spikes in sales, because nothing dominates a community’s attention like fervor for local teams.

Thankfully, the editorial team over at Mobile Commerce Daily has taken notice of our customer’s success leveraging Mowingo to power sports activations, and featured some of their truly awe-inspiring redemption numbers in an article this week. Here’s the big highlight:

“Mowingo has seen markets with in-app sports activations, such as Baltimore, Portland and Spokane, average 57 percent more active users than markets that do not offer sports-linked deals, as well as result in five to eight times more in-store mobile redemptions during a 24-hour window.”


In essence, want to see 5-8x increases in mobile redemptions? (1) Think nationally, (2) leverage our platform, (3) engage locally. It’s that simple.