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Twitter Is Cashing In on Local Offers image

Just in time for the holiday shopping extravaganza, Twitter is using both feet to jump into the mobile offers and local commerce game with Twitter Offers. A few short months ago, they took their first foray into e-commerce by introducing buttons that allowed you to shop tweets. Now, they’re upping their game to appeal to local advertisers with card-linked offers. When you see a Twitter Offer in your timeline, (say to your favorite coffee hangout, like the picture above) you can add it to your card you have stored on Twitter, and when you go in-stores to redeem, you simply use your card and see the cashback rewards simultaneously on ...

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Have a legacy POS system? Meet a mobile solution that helps you measure your efforts and drive sales. image

Great news! We collaborated with Star Micronics on a mobile solution for restaurateurs and retailers with outdated POS solutions. Since those merchants want to be able to both (1) leverage mobile to drive sales and customer loyalty and (2) measure their efforts (so they know what works and what doesn’t), we’re giving them a way to do just that without making them invest in an expensive new POS system. To check our our press release and learn more about it, go here. More updates to come soon! Update #1: Come by @StarMicronics booth #3925 at #NRFBIGShow during January 11-14 and see a demo in person! Update #2: Are you a ...

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Whoa, Alibaba (How 11/11 is the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year) image

Today was the biggest shopping day of the year. And it wasn’t the U.S. When we tweeted this yesterday, 11/11 had barely begun in China, but Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce behemoth, alone had already racked up $2 billion in online sales within the first hour. Almost half of those sales took place on mobile. (Bit of background: 11/11 is also known as Single’s Day in China, and is essentially their version of Black Friday, but on a much, much bigger scale.) But now, the final tally is in. Total sales for Alibaba reached $9.3 billion. Again, almost half occurred on mobile. These are amazingly huge numbers. To really appreciate them, ...

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Holiday! Celebrate! (Vol. One) image

We’re barely a week into November, and it’s holiday season in a big way. In the spirit of that, we’ve started to compile some what-to-expect-when-you’re-expecting bits and tips for retailers. Let’s begin with something that’s likely unsurprising to retail marketers—shoppers use a variety of channels throughout the purchase journey. They may start online with some background research on the product and brand, then browse on mobile, and perhaps peruse in-store before making a purchase. Because they do this, they want the same experience (including products and offers) on every channel. Proof? For the upcoming holiday season, 90% of shoppers expect a consistent brand experience across devices and channels. 47% of ...

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You better hope your mobile channel is ready for the holidays… image

…because if it isn’t, this prediction will turn your world upside down. According to MarketingLand, nearly 30% of Cyber Monday purchases this year will come from mobile devices. Considering that in 2010, only 2% of transactions came from mobile, that’s a huge growth in a few short years. To put in into monetary terms, according to Adobe, in 2013, Cyber Monday sales totaled approximately $2.3 billion. If Cyber Monday is just a little bit better this year, say $2.5 billion, mobile will account for $750 million in sales. Get ready, because mobile business will be booming.

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