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Workin’ Out (With Mobile) image

Props to Planet Fitness. An article yesterday in Mobile Marketer highlighted an excellent example of a brand leveraging mobile for customer engagement. Planet Fitness, a nation-wide health club franchise, started a campaign called “Planet of Triumphs,” where they encourage members to share stories of health and fitness accomplishments, in order to motivate the community at large. As a part of the “Judgement® Free Zone” message that’s integral to Planet Fitness, the community is meant to bring members together to inspire each other in an encouraging, helpful environment. While the campaign isn’t exclusive to mobile, it has a social feed interface that’s tailored to mobile scrolling and commenting. Here’s why it’s ...

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Mobile Insights (October Edition) image

We were particularly inspired by a Forrester research study, so this week, it’s time for a mobile insights update in the form of a facts and stats grab bag. Up first on deck: retail, coupons and the in-store experience. 1. Coupons received via smartphones are redeemed the fastest. When asked about the last digital offer they received, 60% of consumers receiving a coupon via a smartphone redeem it immediately or within several hours. 2. Mobile offers are a prime opportunity for conversion, cross-sell, and upsell in retail. 55% of smartphone coupon users will spend more money during their online or in-store visit, with most spending at least $25 more. 3. A formula for ...

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Tying Offers to Local Events (or, SPORTS!) gallery

When it comes to offers and promotions, our advice to brand managers across the country is grounded in our unofficial motto: “think nationally, act locally.” There’s a reason we proclaim the benefits of localization from the rooftop of our Los Altos office—it works. Really, really well. How do we know? Our data on offers tied to local sports events. Case in point: in Washington D.C., a client there runs a promotion specifically tied to the Washington Nationals (who were first in the National League’s Eastern Division this year). Every time they score 6 runs in a game, the client pushes an offer for a free chicken nuggets. Sales in that area ...

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Mobile Shopping Conference, Day 3 image

Wrap up time! On our last day in AZ, a quick poll of the audience asked “What’s the first item on your mobile agenda when you return to the office this week?” You can see the results above, with most marketers being concerned about measuring mobile efforts correctly. This makes sense, because after all, entering into mobile is a business decision that needs to have specific, measurable goals, and an effort that needs to be continually justified in a company’s budget. (The only danger here is “analysis paralysis”—worrying about how to best measure mobile without recognizing the vast benefits, and then missing the train altogether.) After KPI concerns are two that we ...

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Mobile Shopping Conference, Day 2 image

The fun in Phoenix continues… Yesterday morning at Mobile Shopping, our CEO Daniel was joined by Jessica Karr of Bloomingdale’s, Brian Wilson of Westfield Labs and Danielle DeVito of LoveSac, on a panel moderated by Josh Schiffman of IBM, to discuss leveraging location and digitizing the in-store experience. Specifically, the question of the panel was: how can we employ mobile in-store (and out-of-store) to provide our customers with the most relevant, valuable experience to them? In short, the answers were mPOS, GPS, iBeacons and experiences specific and exclusive to mobile. When it comes to in-store retail, Bloomingdale’s has leveraged mPOS (mobile point-of-sale systems) to free up associates from being tied to ...

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Mobile Shopping Conference, Day 1 image

This week, we find ourselves in sunny Phoenix, engaging with peers and retailers at the Mobile Shopping conference. The theme so far? Mobile engagement, localization, and measurement. (It is a mobile conference, after all.) Localization is big, and marketers are keen to measure mobile interactions, review results and use it to inform strategy. As eager as retailers and marketers are to hop on the mobile bandwagon, they’re keenly aware of the hurdles they face. They’re looking for keys to success on the mobile channel, while avoiding some of the issues they’ve had on other channels. In short, they’re psyched about the party, but worried about bringing the right dish. Key ...

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Apple Pay + Mobile Payments: The key to adoption is a loyalty program image

Here’s a summary of the tech world in September: Apple, Apple, Apple. Apple! (Did you hear about Apple?) Since the event on September 9th, Apple has dominated the news yet again, with introductions of iPhone 6, Apple Watch and iOS 8. But another big announcement didn’t go unnoticed—the long expected, NFC-powered, Apple Pay, Apple’s foray into the mobile payments space. We’ve been hearing that this could possibly shake up the space. Google Wallet, out for the past three years, hasn’t had an easy time of it and PayPal has floated along on its own, with a smattering of startups to keep it company. We have confidence that Apple Pay could ...

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