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Big Acquisition in Mobile Loyalty Apps! standard

Good news for the field! Remember Shopkick? They’re set to be acquired by SK Planet, a subsidiary of SK Telecom Co., for a cool $200 million. This comes after an announcement last year by SK Planet (a South Korean native) that they would spend between $500 million to $1 billion to break into the U.S. mobile market. Shopkick, a loyalty mobile app, appeared to be picked specifically because of the attention they garnered for a beacons program they implemented at Macy’s. (We referenced this program in last week’s series of posts, part one and two.) Firstly, congrats to Shopkick! A win for them is a win for the whole mobile ...

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OWN IT (Part Two) image

When it comes to paid versus owned media channels, the title of this post gives away what we think. Own it. To recap, two big retailers, Lord & Taylor and Macy’s, are making a bet on iBeacons and proximity messaging technology. They’re obviously convinced of the benefits of localized marketing, enough to embark on programs specifically focused on bringing proximity-based personalized messaging to their customers. So, why do so with third-party apps? Here’s what we think: Macy’s and Lord & Taylor already have branded mobile apps, but they might not have large enough an audience on them. Swiftly incorporating the latest technologies in customer facing programs is no easy task ...

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OWN IT (Part One) gallery

  • Lord & Taylor store

    Lord & Taylor store

  • Beacon on clothing rack

    Beacon on clothing rack

  • Beacon with iPhone

    Beacon with iPhone

A couple of weeks ago, we had the chance to attend the Mobile Marketing Summit in NYC (put on by the lovely folks at Mobile Marketer) and schmooze with retailers, technology providers, and agencies over the future of mobile. Unsurprisingly, a big topic was location-based, proximity marketing: iBeacons were on everyone’s lips. We’ve always been bullish on iBeacons, but it’s heartening to hear that retailers continue to jump on board. Case in point: Lord & Taylor. At the summit, they showcased a beacons program they’re collaborating on with SnipSnap to reward customers for shopping in-stores. Essentially, Lord and Taylor wanted to connect with mobile shoppers through a quickly deployable program, ...

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