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When it comes to offers, be creative image

Here’s an insight we like to share that may seem obvious: if you want your coupons or offers to work, they have to be creative and targeted. Simple, right? Everyone knows this, right? Too often, it’s just not so. Be it retailers or restaurants or fitness institutions, most companies stick to the same offer year-round: BOGO (buy one, get one free), 20% off, etc. To engage customers, you need more than that. You need to be creative, be it through the type of discount, how you get it to your customers, or the type of customers you want to reach. Street Fight, an awesome mag and site dedicated to all ...

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Dominating Mobile Payments image

Let’s start with a major stat: according to Forrester, by 2017, mobile payments will be a $90 billion market. But, though the mobile payment market is currently dominated by names like PayPal, MasterCard, etc., there’s still major obstacles ahead mainly, adoption of mobile payments at scale. There still isn’t a clear cut choice in mobile for a payment solution that offers value, convenience and an experience superior to using physical credit cards. And, most solutions aren’t retailer driven, but from startups and established players in the payment sphere. Enter Starbucks. What makes Starbucks shine is their mobile app, a combination of a loyalty program and a mobile wallet, meshed into ...

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Back to Beacons, Bonaroo Edition gallery

Beacons are where it’s or rather, Bonaroo is where the beacons are. Today brings yet another example of beacons in action, this time at Bonaroo where they helped enhance the concertgoer’s experience. For the venue, the various beacons told them which booths had the longest wait times, and they were able to quickly pivot and direct customers to a less congested area. For attendees, they only received messages from the native Bonaroo app that were pertinent to them”booth availability, band start times, limited offers etc. On top of that, with the assistance of beacons, they were able to relive the experience after the fact, seeing a retrospective of where they ...

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How I Lost A Bet on QR Codes image

Mowingo is running a cool promotion at McDonald’s: guests are invited to download Mowingo’s application (available for Android and iOS), enjoy a free milkshake and get access to other cool deals. As you can see in the picture above, we have large posters hanging on the walls at the Embarcadero McDonald’s in San Francisco. The poster invites guest to download the app either by typing a URL on their smartphones, or by scanning a QR code: Unlike my co-founder, Ehud, I was skeptical about the effectiveness of QR codes. Boy, was I wrong! Here are the results for the first week: Download via URL: 41.3% Download by scanning QR code: ...

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