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Communicate Across All Channels

There are countless avenues to engage your customer on, and at Mowingo, we have our fingers in all the MarCom pies, including push notifications, SMS, email marketing, and QR codes. Our bottom line is this: whatever your customer loves to use to communicate with you, we’ll help you establish a relationship with them on it.


Mowingo is our name, targeted marketing is our game. Using customer preferences and past behavior, like coupon redemption history, we help you set up autosegmentation based on your variables, then send time-sensitive notifications. Want to reach customers who usually visit in the morning? Simply set up a rule for that in our system, then sit back and watch the results. Want to upsell customers currently in-store? Easily geofence your store with GPS or beacons, then reach out to everyone in the area. Our platform helps you deliver the right message to your customers at the right time.

Product Catalog & Mobile Ordering

Whether you want to enable customers to place orders via mobile, or simply encourage them to browse your offerings on their smartphone, we can do it. Simply upload your product catalog, or build a new one using our tool, and easily feature your products and services through the Mowingo platform. On top of that, we’ll work with your POS to allow secure orders and offer redemption, so neither you nor your customers have to worry.

Dashboard & Insights

This is the heart of our platform, the central dashboard. From here, you can reach everything you want to do, quickly put it in motion, and easily track the results. View insights on offer redemptions nationally and regionally, and delve into local results with heat maps and social graphs, illustrating where your customers are coming from, and how they share your offers. Track your KPI’s in real-time, and set different permission levels for local and regional managers to view data. However you want it, we have it.

National Oversight & Local Management

We know that each company has their own special workflow and policies for local management. So, why wouldn’t we support that? Whether you want to retain central control and run promotions nationally, or delegate promotional decisions locally and empower your managers, we can accommodate you.


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