Today, customers don’t spend the entire path-to-purchase on one channel. The journey is usually far more complex than that. By the time a customer steps in to a brick-and-mortar store, they’re likely to have viewed a brand’s products on digital and mobile channels, as well as competitor offerings. Now, more than ever, a brand must be able to effectively retarget from web to store and from store to web to capture a customer on each stage of their purchase journey.

Luckily, through our new partnership with Marketing1by1, a French multichannel marketing CRM agency, we have the solution in Sto.Retailing. From email to print, from website to mobile, we offer true omnichannel retargeting, where customer actions in any channel can be integrated into a brand’s CRM, and the right content, offer or recommendation can be pushed to them in the right medium at the right time.

With Stor.Retailing, we help you engage customers with influential content at the right time on the path-to-purchase.

Read more about it here, and check out our CEO Daniel Dreymann’s interview about the new partnership. (It’s in French, so if you’re interested in an English version, please contact us!)