All About Mobile

There’s no getting around it, mobile is the companion of choice for customers in the digital age. It’s the tool for communication, information gathering, experience sharing, note taking, and commerce.

And as customers transition to experiencing the world around them through a mobile lens, brands need to ensure that they’ve created a digital strategy that will engage them. It’s up to you to help them realize that you have an interest in providing them a valuable, relevant mobile experience that gives customers what they want, when they want it.

Ultimately, mobile offers you and your customers the benefit of instant accessibility, convenience, and tailored communications, and the chance to build a relationship and cultivate long-term loyalty.

So what do the numbers say?

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Mobile Stats

1.75 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2014, projected 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2017.

By 2017, 1/3 of the global population will have a smartphone.

66% of US smartphone owners say they are more likely to shop at a store that has a useful app, including functions like featured sales and promos, store locator, and a searchable product catalog.

Beacon Stats

In-store app usage was 16x higher for users who received a beacon message once they stepped in store.

Over 200 million consumer phones in the US already support beacon interactions.

45% of consumers are receptive to location-based mobile offers from their favorite places that add value.

1 in 10 of customers reached by beacons in-store downloaded the store’s app, and of those engaged with content directly.

Over 800 million smartphones worldwide will actively use indoor location for applications by 2018.

Shopping Stats

More than

of retailers digital traffic in the next year will come from mobile devices.

9 out of 10 US smartphone owners expect mobile to have changed their shopping behavior by 2015.

51% of consumers using their smartphones to shop in-store would be very likely to use mobile apps to speed up the checkout process, if they were available.

Over a third of all US smartphone users will use a coupon or offer generated from mobile this year. And the number is only rising.

Over 1/5 of US grocery shoppers have downloaded an app from a specific food retailer.

90% of consumers identified smartphones as the easiest-to-use device for shopping in a physical store.

35% of consumers named searching for a coupon’s the most popular in-store activity on their smartphones.

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