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Are you a developer who works with a retail brand?

Use Mowingo’s SDK to elevate your app by giving it access to our sophisticated mobile customer engagement platform. Enjoy interactive push notifications, beacons, geo-aware targeting, advanced offer management and tons of mobile loyalty and rewards features.

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Give your brand any and all of the sophisticated elements of our platform. Whether you leverage our technology to improve your current mobile app, or use it as a building block in a new mobile vision, our SDK is here to help. You’ll receive our SDK libraries, documentation and a sample app highlighting how easy it is to leverage the SDK. And, of course, we’re here to provide support.

Platform Elements

Robust Offer Segmentation + Delivery

With a simple SDK function call, your app will receive targeted offers relevant to the customer’s preferences, redemption and activity history, segment, current location, and optimal time.

We make it easy for you to create, deliver and track redemption of any offers or promotions you dream up at the national or local level. Plus, we include a workflow approval option for local managers to gain HQ’s approval before a promotion goes live.

Proximity Marketing with GPS + Beacons

Doing proximity right is hard, but we did it for you. Leverage the power of location to reach your customers, whether you use our sophisticated recipes for beacon messaging in-store, and or GPS geotargeting and geofencing to engage them everywhere else.

Interactive Push Notifications

Our push notification nodule provides standard and interactive push messaging for you to leverage with a deep link into your app, enabling you to open the right page and take the right action when a customer interacts with a push notification.

Plus, we built the push notification engine in-house, so there’s no royalty payment to some 3rd party and you don’t have to pay per message. It’s all a part of our package.


We’ll enable your app to effortlessly interact with our platform, as our SDK implements the API required upon installation. Then, we’ll log in-app user activities and report it on the back end for you to mine, making it easy for you to gather the data you need.


Keep your customers coming back by leveraging our loyalty element to reward and surprise them. We support punch cards, VIP events, loyalty points, specialized rewards, social sharing, randomized prizes, you name it. When it comes to loyalty, we have it all.

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