About Mowingo

Mowingo works with agencies and brands to provide mobile solutions that make it stunningly simple to engage customers, layering national and local interactions to drive loyalty and sales.

Whether we power a brand’s existing app, or leverage our apps to build a solution just for you, our platform effectively raises mobile customer engagement, leading to improved business results. Using targeted, intelligent offers, and time-sensitive notifications, in combination with GPS and iBeacon geolocation technology, we effectively push the right message, at the right time, at the right location–to the right customer.

And our special ingredient? The ability to go hyperlocal on your national app. Our platform empowers local managers to tailor promotions to their demographics, by overlaying local offers and events on top of national promotions. (After all, who knows the local tastes better than the manager who lives there?) Plus, our workflow feature gives HQ some extra peace of mind, by giving them the option to review and approve all offers before they go live.

Trust us, there’s more. Reach out, and we’ll tell you all about it.

Founded in 2011, and based in Silicon Valley, with an office in Burlington, MA, Mowingo’s mobile platform is currently deployed at thousands of locations across the globe, engaging millions of consumers. We enjoy working alongside brand managers and agency creatives, and we invite you to lean on us to help bring your brand vision to mobile life.

Ehud Grunfeld

Ehud Grunfeld

CTO & Co-founder
Daniel Dreymann

Daniel Dreymann

CEO & Co-founder

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